General Auto Repair Shop in Abilene, TX

In addition to our wide variety of trailers for sale, Jerry’s Automotive & Trailer offers general auto and truck repair. We do oil changes, tune-ups, state inspections, custom exhaust work, brakes, AC repair, battery changes, and more. Choose Jerry’s for fast, affordable auto maintenance in Abilene, TX.


Signs that you need Auto Repair

  • Strange Noises – If you notice grinding or squealing noises when you slow down there might be something wrong with your brakes.
  • Leaks – If you notice a leak, it could be the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, or the engine oil. These leaks come from the front of your car.
  • Check Engine Light – If you notice the check engine light, have a professional technician look at your car immediately.

Common Auto Maintenance Services

  • Fuel Cap Replacements – Having a loose fuel cap can alter the fuel tank resulting in lower engine performance.
  • Spark Plug Replacements – Spark plugs send sparks to the ignition chamber. Failing spark plugs can cause expensive damage if they are not addressed.
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacements – The Mass Air Flow Sensor determines the optimal air-to-fuel ratio in your ignition chamber.
  • Oil Changes – It is important to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles or every six months. Having your oil changed regularly can improve gas mileage.
  • Tire Rotation – Tires should be rotated every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. If you regularly rotate your tires, you can avoid uneven tire wear and improve the life of your tires.


Quick Automotive AC Repair Abilene TX

Quick Automotive AC Repair

When your car or truck air conditioner is not working, it’s more than a convenience issue. In the long, hot summers of Abilene, TX, car air conditioning problems become an important safety issue. We specialize in automotive AC repair services for vehicles of all makes and models. Bring in your vehicle for a complete diagnostic assessment by one of our experienced auto mechanics. Once we’ve determined the problem, we will complete the necessary repairs with your permission.