Trailer Parts & Repairs in Abilene, TX

Trailer Parts & Repairs in Abilene, TX

Preventative maintenance and occasional repairs keep your trailer working at fullest capacity. In business since 1984, we understand trailer parts and mechanics. We can repair your bumper, suspension, electrical equipment, lights, and more. We also can change the tires and do general diagnostics.

The technicians at Jerry’s Automotive & Trailer are ready to help. Our location in Abilene, TX, serves customers all over the Big Country.

Key Safety Issues for Your Trailer

  • Trailer Lights Stop Working – The lights on your trailer should always be in working order so others can see you at night.
  • Flat or Leaking Tires – Beware of a flat tire if you hear a strange noise, and your trailer starts to slow you down.
  • Door Repairs & Latch Replacement – Trailer doors should always be secure, so that they don’t loosen when you are driving.
  • Alignment Issues – A trailer that’s constantly pulling towards one side may have alignment issues. This can lead to tire wear and decreased fuel economy.

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Known as “Abilene’s Trailer Guy,” Jerry also specializes in trailers for sale, as well as general auto repair. Call Jerry’s Automotive & Trailer today for more information on our complete services, including: